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100 Word Challenge - 5CT


100 Word Challenge Showcase. This week, the prompt was:

...but how can something so tiny...

The challenge is to write an engaging 100 words, including the prompt. Read how some of our Year 5 children did!



Hi, my name is Daisy and I am nine years old. I love Science and

inventing things. I have made a machine that bakes cakes, a robot

that does the dishes that plays instrument’s as he goes along! I have

recently started making a micro robot that basically does anything.

He does my homework, cleans my bedroom and keeps me company

at night. I love my robot despite the fact he makes annoying noises

at night. He is so special he even has a name! He is called Tiny,

because he is very tiny. But how can something so tiny….


By Ella, Age 9